About Jobcast

Our vision & history.

Jobcast was founded in mid-2019 by three passionate entrepreneurs with a background in podcasts and HR. Our ambition is to make it easier for companies to tell their story in a committed and personal way. So-called "Spoken Word Content" has exploded in the last 10 years. Bloggers have become podcasters, books have become audiobooks and printed news has become podcast news. The common denominator; sound - a format that inspires and maintains the listener's interest by far for the longest time. Without questioning the function of video, we know that those who listen often listen significantly longer than those who watch. Telling the story of the history, culture, office and colleagues in a workplace is not done in 30 seconds in a video. With the help of Jobcast, your company has the opportunity to let talent delve into what makes your workplace so unique. We enable a completely new type of consumption where talents can get an insight into your workplace while exercising, sitting on the bus or even cooking. Jobcast helps your company produce and distribute both business sections (longer sections where your employees tell you what it's like to work at your workplace) and job sections (short sections where professional voices load job ads). Thanks to our technology, we can map listening and help you work more data-driven with HR. We provide you with valuable data about which target groups are interested in your workplace or vacancies.

Why sound?

Perhaps the strongest argument, listen to job openings while you work out, ride a car, sit on the bus or just be at home and take it easy
Audio creates emotions
Listening gives you an extra dimension compared to reading
Today we prefer to use our mobile phone when looking for a job. Which format is better adapted to mobile than audio?

Listen in our app and let our tools help you find your way.

In the Jobcast app, you can filter jobs and companies according to your preferences. Tap play and be inspired by your playlist.
If you register a simple profile, you will also have access to a number of useful tools:
* Choose your preferences
* Get job suggestions for you
* Favorite mark company
* Notifications when new jobs appear
* Make the application with voicepitch
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