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At Jobcast, we are always looking for new talents who want to be involved in changing the way we work with recruitment and employer branding. Are you driven by being innovative and thinking differently? Then we're absolutely right for you. We are a small team with high ambitions. With offices in the heart of Stockholm, we hope to change the way companies communicate with workers. We do this by working in sound. We who have started Jobcast have a background in tech, podcasts and HR.
Head of Sales
Jobcast is a startup founded in mid-2019 by three passionate entrepreneurs with backgrounds in podcasts, HR and the startup world. Our ambition is to use sound to make it easier for companies to attract and retain the right skills by telling their story in a committed and personal way.

So-called "Spoken Word Content" has exploded in the last 10 years. Bloggers have become podcasters, books have become audiobooks and printed news has become podcast news. The common denominator; sound - a format that inspires and maintains the listener's interest by far the longest time (at a time when attention economy has come to characterize all our lives). Jobcast enables a completely new type of communication in employer branding and job advertising where stakeholders are offered an in-depth and authentic insight – while exercising, commuting or even cooking. Thanks to our technology, we map listening and thus help our customers become more accurate in their communication and work more data-driven with HR.

Curious how that might sound?
Business section: https://www.jobcastapp.com/foretagsavsnitt
Job section: https://www.jobcastapp.com/jobbavsnitt

Although Jobcast is still a young company, we can already boast customers such as: Klarna, Voi, Atlas Copco, SSAB, ICA, The Swedish Armed Forces, Skanska, NCC, BillerudKorsnäs, Axis Communications and others. And we see great potential in growing further why we are now looking for a Head of Sales.
We have very ambitious goals around growing the number of customers and users and now we are looking for you who want to connect at an early stage to become a central part of both building our sales organization, enabling us to reach our high goals and together with us further develop and build the company.

You will work in a small, ambitious team and become part of the company's management team. As Head of Sales, your initial main task is to educate companies on how sound as a new format can be used to uniquely build your company's employer brand and advertise vacancies. With the help of our sales tools, you will prospect potential customers, book your own meetings, have sales meetings and finally help customers get started with our service. The role also involves following up with customers during ongoing collaborations to find more opportunities. In addition to the above tasks, you will play an important role in the development of our products and the ongoing work to deplete the perfect tool for employer branding and job advertising in sound. To the extent that we find talented sellers, the ambition is already from Q3/Q4 2021 to build a sales organization that will be led by you. At that stage, natural tasks are added that include building the team, personnel responsibility, packaging, running and developing our offering and finding new ways to streamline our sales process together with much more.

Who are you?
We believe that the person who is suitable for this role understands what it means to be in a startup environment with all that it entails. You're an ambitious dos who's not afraid to get it wrong. You thrive in a targeted environment and take on major challenges with a positive attitude. You love doing business and have experience in building companies and leading a team.

What we offer
Opportunity to join the company at an early stage as part of Jobcast's management and together with us build and further develop the company. We are a young, hungry & fast-growing startup with a strong purpose. The company's growth will be part of your earnings. Fantastic colleagues that you will learn a lot from and at the same time have fun with. Salary, Bonus & Options Program

Start: By appointment
Scope: Full-time
Location: Central Stockholm
Compensation: Fixed salary, bonus & option program

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