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The most authentic communication is your co-workers' stories
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All of a sudden, everyone wants to listen.

Jobcast innovate and develop how companies work with employer branding and job advertising. By adding a brand new audio format to each area, we offer an authentic and personalized insight into what makes each company so unique.

Given that 60% of Sweden's population aged 20-45 already prefers to listen to podcasts, the potential is huge. The fact that the majority of people listen to podcasts on-the-go makes the audio format maintain the consumer's attention far longer than any other format we consume. We help companies take advantage of this to tell their story.

A selection of customers...

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Vacancies in your headphones!

Filter and create your own playlists. Go to the company profile to see what other vacancies are available or delve into the company's company episodes.

Take the opportunity to "like" the company and you will receive a push notification the next time an episode appears in the app. Register a profile, explore opportunities and apply for the job directly through the app!

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What is the right place for you?

We think there's a dream job for every person - it's just about finding it.

With the help of our technology, we want to help companies work more data-driven and facilitate how we recruit new talent. We give companies the right tools, adapted to the channels their target group uses, to find the right employer.

By turning long and complicated text-style job ads into engaging conversations, anyone thinking of changing jobs can both explore and apply for jobs while they're on the go. Jobcast drives the development of sound further and takes job advertising and employer branding to the next level.

Why sound?

Perhaps the strongest argument, listen to job openings or company episodes while you're working out, sitting on the bus or just relaxing at home
Audio creates emotions
Listening gives you an extra dimension compared to reading
Today we prefer to use our mobile phone when looking for a job. Which format is better adapted to mobile than audio?

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